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Each AIR-CAMP tiedown point consists of two parts: a ROOTSYSTEM ground anchor and the REEL-TIE tie down strap.

REEL-TIE secures just the right tie length and tension with a single reassuring click. Each single REEL-TIE delivers a loop of high strength webbing tape - effectively doubling its breaking strain to an immense 676kg per tie down.

ROOTSYSTEM uses 4 x mountaineering rock stakes held in a rigid frame. This crossed stake technique for ground anchoring is the preferred method recommended by the FAA. However ROOTSYSTEM goes one step further and provides four rather than two stakes. This adds strength and stability and prevents any potential rocking moverment.

Why tie down with the AIR-CAMP aircraft tie down system?

REEL-TIE gives you just the right length and a single click to secure.

REEL-TIE and ROOTSYSTEM are all about quick and effective wind protection without the hassle.

Protect against storm, gusts and prop wash.


ROOTSYSTEM is three aircraft ground anchors in one. ROOTSYSTEM uses tough 23cm mountaineering stakes - very effective on hard ground - and a strong 6082 T6 anodised aluminium alloy box frame with a stainless steel attachment pin for each anchor. Each anchor can be set up in seconds.


The frames act as a container, keeping the stakes together and protecting the interior of the aircraft from the sharp points and any mud debris.

  • Three aircraft tie down ground anchors
  • Three multi-point 10swg 6082 T6 anodised aluminium box frames
  • Twelve 23cm lightweight alloy stakes 'tough enough to nail into breeze block'
  • Dimensions: 24cm x 50cm x 50cm (9" x 2" x 2")
  • Total weight:640 grams!
ROOTSYSTEM ROOTSYSTEM: 3 x ground anchors stowed

Tie down and walk away in under a minute? REEL-TIE, the tiny lightweight (180g <6oz!) aircraft tie-on–a-reel aims to let you do just that - even when its cold and wet.


The ingenious REEL-TIE attaches your aircraft to any ground anchor with a reassuring ‘click’. Any length up to a long 4.5 metres of high breaking strain (338 kg) webbing can be selected. The rest stays on the neat integral reel with tangle preventer.

Job done.

This patented device exploits the balance of forces created when the tie is looped back onto the reel flange to make a positive connection at just the right length. Stowing is just as quick – unclip and wind in. The 10cm reel is neat; lightweight; and takes very little space in the luggage compartment. Helps protect against gusts and prop-wash. Just right for your next fly-out.

  • 4.5 metres high breaking strain (338 kg) webbing
  • Rugged integral 10cm reel with stainless steel axle
  • Strong lightweight carabiners with rapid clipping action
  • Total weight: 180 grams!

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